Ilse Porras



Ilse Porras began her studies at Arpa in 1991, in the Youth Program of the National Symphony Orchestra, currently the National Music Institute, where she was initially under the tutelage of Mariette Castro, followed by Deborah Gabrion, and finally with Ruth Garita. It should be noted that from the age of 8 he participated in the Children's Choir of the Institute, and during his time there he was harpist of the Children's Symphony Orchestra, the Advanced Symphonic Band and the Youth Symphony Orchestra. With this last group he participated in international tours to the United States on several occasions.

Being a former student of the Conservatory of Castella, she graduated from this Institution in the Specialty of Arpa, and managed to study with Maestro Fulvio Villalobos during her period at the Conservatory.

He has worked as a harpist being an extra musician of the National Symphony of our country repeatedly, and was a soloist at the Baroque Festival held in Santa Ana in 2009; but she has also been invited abroad as a soloist, main harpist, or to teach master classes, both in El Salvador and in Guatemala.

He has participated as a main harpist in special concerts, among which the "Una Pasión por la Vida" tour in 2013, with the tenor Andrea Bocelli, in Guatemala City; as well as the Special Concert with soprano Nuccia Focile, in our country, during 2014.

Throughout his career he has received master classes with renowned harpists, among which are Deborah Hoffmann, Joan Holland, Elizabeth Hainen and Eileen Mason, the latter being his great professional mentor.

In 2007 he started with a personal project, which he called the ARPEGIO group, with which he offered Arpa music, combined with the Clarinet and the Voice, for special events such as weddings, receptions, corporate events, funerals, tea basket, fifteen years, etc. The ARPEGIO group becomes a symbol of exclusivity, style and originality, since there is no other ensemble in the country that mixes the magical sounds of the Harp with the warmth of the Clarinet, and at the same time with melodies sung by the harpist herself. It is this uniqueness that causes the ARPEGIO group to always be remembered by its viewers.

It should be noted that Ilse is also a Bachelor of Teaching in Music Education and promoter of the teaching of the Arpa in the country, starting with children from 4 years of age.